Youth Encounter Weekend

FCBC youth encounter weekend started yesterday 21-May-2004. I did not know it until I saw Ps. Jeffrey. The trip is amusing. When I was going for food in PGP canteen. I saw Ellison Lim eating food with some others. The thought “Why she did not invite me” came into my mind. “Never Mind” I talked to myself and continue walking to my favorite “Hong Kong Food”. Seeing the shop is closed, I was bit down.

“Peter”, I heard someone called from behind. One of the youth Pastor Jeffrey was calling my name. Being a little shocked and lost in what was going on. I responded “Yes”. Just upon that time, the words “Youth” and “Encounter” popped into my mind. He asked to come and join the encounter and bless the pastor, I nodded my head without thinking it was a “Yes” or a “No”.

It was amazing to see all people you are familiar and respect, and I was relieved from the annoyance towards Dr. Lim.

After I met a girl who was with Wang Ying some time ago, and led her to Ellison, which was totally out of my expectation. I started to think about the whole event. It was such a bless to hear that people had received Jesus Christ and they had knew Jesus more.