Messed Up

New semester has started since two weeks ago and I feel all the things are crushing my life so fast.

A girl told me that her printer once put in my room was lost. And seemingly, she would rather ask me to pay for it.

When things are money concerned, I will take a firm attitude if it shouldn’t be paid by me.

After calculating the hours per day I need to spend on my study, which is 9 hours per day. I find a need to drop some module so that I can relax.

I need to take time to read bible rather than arguing with friends and matters.

Hallplay is still going on, but I did not feel the desire to bring it up. Probably I will quit this year Hallplay FAMILY. But some touches my heart.

Kai Shin applied for hallplay this year, which is a great encouragement to all those staying in Hallplay Team.

Phoebe has always made my spirit high, seeing her today let my heart be lightened. Holy Spirit, be the leader and God of my life.