Last Week’s Preach and Some Music

Just recalled last week the preach in church about people’s tongue :
1. It directs where we go
Speak Truth

2. It destroys what we have
Speak Life

3. It displays who we are
Confess and cleanse our heart

《屋顶》 by 宗宪&温岚 is a very nice song

which contry are you living. sometimes i think it’s a good one can
confess in church.Chinese’s life of spirit is getting less and less

Living in Singapore now. A country of blessings. So many Christains live aronud here.
Talking to them, you can feel the difference.
In China, restricted by GCD, churhes must declare GCD>GOD so that they can survive properly. In shanghai, people attending proper church service have to possess a foreign passport.