After Database Exam is over…

Three more days to go for my exams this year. By then, I could finally go watching movie and prepare myself for some work. But Hey, It’s not the time yet! 😛

After reviewing one particular module for so much time. I realized how hard it is to be a teacher who keeps on teaching on same module year after year. It is not only boring, but somehow very hard after a period of several years. Students who are becoming smarter and cleverer, having done your ten year series, they are harder to be tested. The teacher must think of some more creative ways to igniting the studying passion of the student, but most importantly, test how much his/her student really have learned.

Student as well, need to realize that study itself is not only doing projects, finishing assessments, handing in your lab report and do exams. They simply don’t prove you are capable of something, but you are capable of writing down the knowledge of it and possessing good question-answering skills

Maybe I have thought too much. Time for relaxing and continuing to reviewing next module