I will bless you (Hagai 2:19)

1. God will remove your Shame

2. God will restore your Significance

-Preached by Apostle Lawrence Khong form FCBC
-Live Audio Record Under:
http://www.fcbc.org.sg/audio/nov21_c.rm (English Verison)
http://www.fcbc.org.sg/audio/nov21_e.rm (Chinese Version)

Random Comments:
下起鱼(12/23/04 8:13 am)

晕晕(12/02/04 21:21 pm)
Du Senyao Peter you are very handsome!

Du Senyao Peter (12/07/04 1:44 am)
Thanks for you appreciation. And you look quite cute from the photos. Your words remind me of something:

Some men/women are born naturally handsome and beautiful, they won’t have too much worries until one day they discover that they are losing the shine they used to have. Some men/women are not that naturally beautiful, but they know the beauty coming from inside will last much longer than faces, so they will always give their best to God, and day by day, develop a inner beauty, which impresses everyone around them.

晕晕(12/07/04 15:14 pm)

Roffee (12/07/04 15:37 pm)

晕晕(12/08/04 14:12 pm)

Roffee (11/27/04 23:40 pm)
preach………i think i can’t accept it. Do you often listen to the Preach, your soul and heart must be very pure. i can feel it from your smile a’men . ipod , i like but no money.

Du Senyao Peter (11/28/04 8:57 am)
I am a regular church goer. By the way, if you can attend the church service in Shanghai International Church in Sunday afternoon, by all means have a try. It is *only* open to those who hold a foreign passport. Because the freedom there is more than you can expect. I was once in the church in the morning for Sunday Morning Service and…well… Due to the constraints of GCD, it is just that boring, but nevertheless, it worth a try.

Roffee (11/28/04 17:28 pm)
You have said the door only open for foreign passport.then how can i try.by the way, my heart is so confusion and i can’t calm it to attend the preach

晕晕(11/28/04 20:48 pm)
看到我一头雾水不知道你们在说什么:( 请问我可不可以拜两位GG为师呢?

Roffee (11/28/04 21:26 pm)
拜他吧,你没看到我用的都是简单的东西,而且也就会这么点,But he is very good in english, and i think i can learn much from him

Du Senyao Peter (11/30/04 18:54 pm)
Thank Roffee, for your appreciation. Nevertheless, We are learners on our roads. We have lot to perceive and digest. And thanks to God, because he gives us wisdom, by which we could judge and understand. Whenever failure or success is encountered, we would always have something to learn, thus we could grow and try to be better. And a thankful heart is what we need.

Bean (12/03/04 1:59 am)
I found your post and enjoy what you’ve said. could you mind making friends with me? may be I can learn more from you.:-)

晕晕(11/30/04 10:07 am)
Can i make a friend with you ?.DU Senyao peter

Du Senyao Peter (11/30/04 19:01 pm)
Of course you may, and you are most welcome. Friends are precious, aren’t they? Frankly speaking, it is not hard to be a friend, but rather difficult be a *TRUE* friend, to whom you could pour your heart out. By giving a respond to your post, and I would like to raise a question for you as well as for those reading this.

How many TRUE friend do you have? Those are people to whom you would confess your darkest secret(s), with whom you would overcome shortages, and thus being transparent to each other.

True love is very hard to achieve.

Roffee (11/30/04 20:41 pm)
You say so much everytime, long and reasonable. i am happy to become a reader when you are talking.i have some true friend, but they are all in different citys, it’s difficult to gather at one time.fortunately wherever we are, we can find friend , the most difficulty thing is to find the true friend. But i think you will get if you have given

晕晕(11/30/04 21:27 pm)
My english is very poor ,so i can’t understand what you say.could you speak chinese?

Roffee (11/30/04 21:35 pm)

晕晕(11/30/04 21:49 pm)
谢谢夸奖,我会继续努力.因为我们科室也要求我们要会英文交班 我觉得好难啊

Roffee (11/30/04 21:53 pm)

Roffee (11/30/04 22:02 pm)
不用谢,对了,捡了钱分一点给我就是了, 100w吧,我这个人很容易满足的,只要能买一栋房就可以了,哈