In Holiday

There is quite some time since my last post. On one hand, it is simply because all of my exams are over, I could finally get into my quiet place and relax myself, watching some movie, chewing some popcorns, and playing some games. A good break from work could really help me to acquire a better and cheerful mood. On the other hand, I am getting busier and busier these days. Since the incoming batch of students need some help to adapt to the new environment, I opted to help them throughout this coming year. Looking at their profiles and faces, I feel that they are just so young, and I am becoming old. Deep in my heart, I feel that merely three years could make things different, namely, a generation gap.

Is there a good way to eliminate the gap? I don’t know, I need their feedback. There will always be a time I deem myself succeeded while the facts indicating I am playing a fool.

I have some time ago a regular time schedule from 8am to 12am, tiring yet interesting, because I know I am serving people and learning from them.

A very important lesson is that when people make you irritated, simply count to 10.

So much time , i thought maybe you had been busying .but you played game, watched movie 🙂

The feeling in school is good , i can rembember some scenes with classmates. but now those are all past. what’s a pity……..