Episodes on Wallop

When I was about to write a story about how I got through these two days of Christmas, I suddenly discovered that Wallop was playing a joke on us. The time stamp they put for my post was (1/04/05 2:27)-The April Fool’s of Year 2005.

I hope I was not the only “Lucky Guy” had got this, guessing there existing some problems with current system design, or in the near future Wallop team will *claim* some alien once stole my account, and made alien posts.

This song is about a child’s birth bringing goodness and light to people around the world.
(He is Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior and He will surely be yours as well)

When you listen to this song, you will just say “Ah ha” I knew it! This song was given birth in the 19th century, sung by millions along the eras. And until today, it is still one of the most fashionable Chirstmas carols.

Roffee (12/26/04 18:45 pm)
nice songs , i like all , but the pcspeaker is not good, what a pity