Girl Bumped into My Life

It is now very late at night, or we could call it very early in the morning. I am not sure which one of these two moods is affecting or they both are affecting me. I suddenly feel quite relieved from a relationship. By God’s grace, I think I am able to face it if  God is to take the girl away from my life.

When I am in love with someone. He/She will be those first matters in my mind for long. So applies to real things. Even being so tired, I would still think of my study, I would struggle to think of her. Being not really sure about the relationship, I doubt I am quite a hopper. I know my heart doesn’t desire this, but my mind is disobeying. I want someone to stabilize my heart, nailing it to hers.

Would she be the one (left)?

frey (5/07/05 13:49 pm)
not very beautiful but feel