God Changes Lifes

Time goes by and by. Unconsciously, it is the mid-term break in the second semester – being in Singapore for more than two years. Recalling all I have done till now, I feel God is so real in my life. I was once referred as “the naughty boy”, never knowing how to deal with matters in others’ feet, criticisms was very usual to me.

I would thank my friend – Wang Kaiyang Gabriel, who brings me to Christ, though deep in my heart, I know there are still doubts and wonders. But I believe these dark clouds would be gone, as I know my God and Saviour better, by reading the Holy Bible and praying to Him.

Being a Christian for two years or more, I felt myself gradually changed by God. Though sometimes I would still try to be MYSELF, I know that is not right, that is not what I should do. Being lazy was my habit, and it might still bothers me in the future, but I trust God will strengthen me, let me have a strong will.

I have received a lot from God as I listen to Him and worship him, and I would really give out this blessings, I do not want to go to heaven empty-handed, pathetic looking, saying “I know Jesus Christ, He died on the cross and saved me”. Instead I really want to say “God, I have fulfilled your will for me on the earth”