Four Months Later

Now it is year 2006 A marvelous year of celebration! Rejoice! Rejoice for everything we acquired and the blessings God lavished on us. In life because of God’s grace and mercy, we could have such a wonderful place, though temporary, in which we are free to not to what we do not want. However, at times we are so in love with the world, and blind to see the true purpose of our lives. Jesus died on the cross, crucified. His blood washed away our sins. He’s called to serve. Jesus demonstrated to his 12 disciples what is service.

My emotional life is not stable, *swaying* here and there because of my concept of a Godly woman changes. And the perception of mine on what she should possesses changes. How should she behave? Should she has the characters similar to me or vastly different so as to be a complement? I start having doubts towards my initial decision on the girl I saw. Not purely because of feeling, I suddenly realize understanding transcends feeling and wisdom. To understand what God is doing in our lives is more important than to feel good for the service we render for Him, or how wise we could be in our advises to give to other people.