Little Comfort Zone

Okay, here am I once again, blogging. I always wanted to start a new blog somewhere else (I have gotten blogs from wordpress, blogspot, and using MT I built another one from my school), but still I would find this is the most comfortable place where I can write down my emotions that could be…

Some poster designs

I have received two designs for the current event – SoC Bazaar(Indulgence), which look like follows: I am personally NOT against the designs. However, they gave me some weird feeling just upon glacing at them.

Flock as a browser and blogging tool

Flock is cool, it could aggregate all the blogging space into one single area where you can put in tags, links, images so on and forth. And more over, it supports the registration of wordpress! One major reason I love flock is because of the photo uploading utility and the clip board feature. With these…

Peter has a new blog

October 15, 2005 On this very day, thanks to a nice guy‘s invitation, I have setted on a new wordpress blog. I would say it is very nice and easy to use in FireFox. I hope I would have time to write something everyday, regarding technology as well as life.

Updating Movable Type causes failure.

So if you are using 3.17 on Sunfire now, you might consider not updating to 3.2 for the moment, or you might consider some other way of installing perl modules in your home directory.