Writing Blog inside OPML Editor

The OPML Editor is a marvelous tool of three major uses in this world. It could aggregate the RSS feeds in a River of News, and connect to your wordpress or movable type blog, so that you could blog using XML-PRC call, and last one is a editing tool for OPML, which is a great invetion of XML representation of Outlines. Of course, there are something other things you can do, say have a community account on Dave’s community server. But they are just so miscellaneous comparing to these major things.

Writing your own blog could be of quite some fun, but using web interface has the disadvantage of non-nativeness. OPML Editor well merged the gap better desktop publishing as well as web interface. It feels somehow a bit like desktop diary keeper, as it has a executable file; and a bit web based, for all the interface for configuration is shown in web. You can visually feel your blog, and know your blog is secured as well.

But somehow, I am not sure if due to MT’s version problem, getting categories from the blog could be of quite some headache.