Term of Computing Club is over

After serving in Computing Club for a whole semester, my term is over. I had an excellent year working with the people in the club. Be it local or foreign, I think all of them are great.

Unity is something I felt to my heart. The group has the unity under one leadership, achieving the goal, realizing the vision, and serving the students unreservedly.

There are a few people I felt gratitude towards, especially Yap Neng Giin – he is something! A great leader. And as well, they are great figures in the club, including Lim Jing Quan, Kong Yu Shan and Tan Shao Cong. Young blood emerged during the Freshmen orientation week. Ah Yes, there is still Dr.to be Leong Waikay – Interesting yet crazy in working and playing.

I feel somehow i should start working on this blog and continue to pump in something in my life as I did to the club for the previous semester. I hope for this coming semester, the club will work as a big family instead of a united working machine, to stand out for the students in School of Computing, and bring welfare to them.