l33t programs

There are programs in the school designed specifically for the l33t students, because the school deem them as the special crowd who are able to perform well in school, both academically and industrially.

I agree on this opinion, for most part of it. Of course, most students in the school are working very hard, but due to diversity in class choosing, people might not score that well in their other classes, but they do possess the talent to shine for school. But they are working, for companies set up by themselves, or those well-know ones. And it is very difficult to reach out to that crowd, but the company pay off them well, and they are doing really great business with those great characteristics they have within. Without a doubt, if they are enrolled in programs set for l33t students, they will do even better, for they have had the knowledge, and they have done it well before. As for those top ones, they prefer doing things related to research, and those jobs do pay them off well.

Hence, here comes the controversy, those who do really well genuinely do not want to go to industry that quickly and those are not doing that well in university has established a solid foundation for their future, hand-crafted by themselves. How will you solve it?