How much time does people think before they act?

I always have this doubt in my mind: How much does one think before he is able to make a move which he believes to be correct in the situation that he is in? I believe the answer to this question varies greatly from person to person with different personalities.

One with the idea “keep it safe” may never start a business of his own in his entire life, and most of the time he is the most hard-working people in the corporation – to secure his job through achievements. So he thinks hard enough to make sure everything he does fall within a small margin of risks, or not at all.

And some people does think afar, with a clear and enormous goal in his mind. He acts differently from “normal” people as he makes unpredictable moves based on pure faith and vision, and the way he solidifies their actions are as such: they focus on what they have now, and think of what they can do with those. And they make sure these things will help achieve the distant goal in one way or another. They have a vision, and they do things in line with the vision.

And what kind of people am I: I don’t know, I am always trying to be the second type while my conscience keeps me on the first one. Struggling in between is no fun at all. It is essential to have a clear standard, be it weak or strong. I’ll choose to be the first type now. Not until I figure out a creative way to be the second type. I’ll be on the safe side.

What type are you today?