More things from Computing Club Please

It has been really quiet over these days for computing club. It is supposed to be “Academic Oriented” this year. What does that mean? That means we are expecting more workshops and more competitions these days. But so far, the only devcon, which is after this semester, is organized by an external party. There is no compliant, but pity and disappointment.

Surprisingly, while the MC are working hard for computing club, transparency is still quite an issue these days. Expect for those few people who are close to the club, does the majority of the SoC population know what is really going on in the little glass room and what kind of the decision has been made? Of course, they could request the meeting minutes. But without such a transparency is like a man without a face, the club seems incapable of talking and connecting with the students.

Strangely, once one is truly involved in computing club, he/she will always have concerns for her, or even stayed back for her. Here is what I think the club should do at least to maintain a good PR:

  1. Prepare a good blog for the club, let people hear from the “insiders”.
  2. Interview lecturers! (Students generally want to know about their lecturers, you can put up a poll to verify this)
  3. We need an identity – wind breakers(coming), cyber mascot.
  4. *Something makes SoC student proud of their faculty.
  5. LT 27 Photo Shooting
  6. Keep a wiki of those events happened, we can put up our photos and write the content!

Things are changing fast, I can wait to order the new wind-breaker designed by computing club perhaps with personalization. Finally we have something nice to wear which belongs to us!

My best wishes for Computing Club 🙂