About Interview

I have accidentally encountered some words of wisdom from the WTF forum

Some people are VERY good interviewers. I once had a co-worker who knew absolutely nothing, but was good at two things:

  1. Short-term memorization.
  2. Bullshit.

The former would last a couple of days. He was a certified EVERYTHING because of it, and could pass any interview or client meeting with one nights study, and would remember everything for about three days. Then he was useless again.

He was also the best bullshitter I’ve EVER met. Seriously. It was only matched by his incompetence.

Unfortunately they’re out there.

Upon these words, I start to ponder. Is he portraying a guy who is a bad interviewees for interviews today or really a role model we should follow. Many companies request certifications during the interview for very simple purpose: you ought to have the certificate if you have the talent to perform the job. Sadly, many truly talented people choose not to have the certificate but rather experiences in life, for they know the truth, from the education system we have today, they could always find someone better than him in certain areas.

What are they real pursuit for your life today? Is it to get a higher degree so that more certificates will bring you fortune on earth, or spin off a company around some ideas? I think I would rather choose something that is no exhausive before I am addicted to work for life.

PS I think being Christian is really fun, and I can inspect a problem from some undoubtedly solid ground.

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