Blogging with a Title

A sizable number of blogging tools has this topic centric idea implemented in their interface. An example is as follows:

Title:What do I need to blog with a topic in mind?

To a great extend, this “topic centric” design forces people to think around a main point. You will always hear from people who seldom blog asking this question: “What to blog? I have nothing to blog about.” But is there really nothing happening in their life they could write down, or the amount of things and events taking place around in their life is so overwhelming that they have no clue how to organize them under different titles on which that they could write down their ideas?

For most of people, we will agree on the latter point: organizing disordered matters into ordered topics. There are really indeed interesting things taking place every second – be it in the real world, near you and I, or in the virtual world, on the Internet. We are observing them every day, unavoidably. We cannot shut our eyes when people are in front talking, treating them as non-existing objects with voice capabilities; we cannot ignore a piece of email with a title like “Girl running naked in NUS, as seen by thousands of students.”, reading it as “Aliens found in School of Computing, NUS”; and we cannot stare at a book, as if we are staring at a log, disguising itself into a deceiving shape that looks very much like an ordinary book.

Many a time we choose to ignore something because either we do not want to acknowledge the importance of the item in our life, or its importance has no value to our life. Take an annoying big black fly buzzing loudly around you with its fat wings. We do find it uncomfortable when we are concentrating our every single nerve in the brain to prepare for the upcoming history exam. However, the option to snap the fly from the middle of its tiny fragile body is beyond our ability. So what do we do instead of flying around to catch the fly? We IGNORE the fly, treating it as non-existing object with strange voice capability.

The more we ignore, the less we categorize things into different classifications. As more and more things accumulate, piling up in our head, we could only think of two types of things, the important ant the necessary. What our leaders ask us to do is important, and what we do to live is necessary. Then we push ourselves comfortably into this loop: Important-Necessary-Necessary-Important… The longer we linger in this loop, the better we are at doing it. Living a life become simple: when the waves of things are rushing ashore towards us, we set up a barrier right in front with this “Importance & Necessity” net, capturing only those tiny fish which could squeeze through the net.

Writing up until here, I realize my life is in this mode for most of time. The fish I let through, though being of great quantity, are too tiny in size to fill my everlasting craving for food, and I constantly stop myself from capturing the big fish, for I think it takes more time to set up the net, more time to process the prey and more time to cook the meat. These are just the imagination in my mind and in fact does not have to be, if I could equip myself with a proper attitude, arm myself with a right spirit and change my attitude to be more positive and affirmative.

I want to go hunting, to be a fisher.