NEXUS 2007 Video is OUT!

Nexus 2007 is one of the biggest event held by The Digital Movement so far. There are many interesting talks by people like Nathan Torkington, James Seng, Kelvin Lim. Yon hear them talking form the link above if prefer not seeing these people’s faces.

So here we brings you a series of video archives of what happened on that day, hope you enjoy it! (I spent 3 weeks’ time working on the videos: capturing the videos from the poor DVDs and DV tapes, editing them in Edius Pro and Avisynth. Editing video is really a tough job especially if you aim for higher video quality and smaller file size.)

I have several other tape that have not been edited and compressed yet, for example, the GeekOut recoding, and some interviews done by TDM crew members (**REALLY REALLY bad audio quality** Any suggestions?). How many of you out there are interested in them?




  1. theory says:

    Peter, great job with the videos. Any chance you can put them up on Google Video so we can embed them on our blogs too? I’ve been waiting to see these for ages 😛

  2. theory says:

    Oh, it’s ok now. I managed to grab the embed code. Thanks again!

  3. Kevin, the source file is on Blip.TV for you to grab as well if you need them to be uploaded to Google Video. Google Video takes way more time to process than so I opt for the latter .

  4. theory says:

    Roger that Peter Du 🙂

  5. rinaz says:

    Thanks so much for the vids, Peter 🙂 You da man!

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