Ethnos Emmanuel Tribe Gathering

Yesterday we had a G12 tribe gathering in Touch Center. There were lot of things happened over more than 2 hours’ time. Pastor Hee Guan (HG), being the Ethnos Emmanuel Tribe’s father, shared about this interesting name of God: Jehovah Nissi – the Lord is my banner.

The gathering started with the tribe singing worship and praise songs, and followed by prayers from HG

“Run the race. Be bold and courageous.
Rise up, the Lord is with you.
Inherit the kingdom of God.
Blessed are those poor in spirit.”

HG started the biblical teaching with Exodus 17:8-15, talking about Joshua’s battle against the Amalekites. They killed for pleasure and made part of their living by raiding.

Who were the Amalekites? And what did Aaron and Hur do to support Moses, and why they chose to do that? Find the answers on this wonderful summary of the biblical teachings of the night.

Add on a bit from my reading:

  • Amalekites killed for pleasure. At that time, calling someone “a friend of Amalekites” is an insult in Israeli culture.
  • Similar to what Aaron and Hur did, we need to “life up the hands” of our sprititual leaders as well – praying for them, lending a word of encouragement.

HG then talked about the 100k people we are going to bless next month as a church. He mentioned that people sometime were just not willing to give out their blessing to others, e.g. a high ranking CEO who simply said he did not have time because of his profession.

“You are a Christian today because someone reached you in the past.”

Be kind to people around you, like neighbors, foreigners – go bit further, offering your help to them.

Say something simple:

“Is there something in your life that I can pray for you to have a change?”

Do not R.I.P. in God forever on the earth. When people of God are marching against the enemies, if you are resting, mostly probably you are caught in a very possible situation that you’ll be attacked by the opposition.

Learn to fast. 1 meal or 2, it does not matter, the important thing is to endure and pray on the 40 days’ journey.

Be diligence in planning and doing. – What if Joshua just sit back and relying on Moses’ prayer alone?

When someone else beside you is hesitant about charging, you slow down because of him.

“The cluster does not want one more number from you”

“We all want to build good memories, so that when we grow older, we can have something to share with the children.”

“So I make some more money, so what? I make some a bigger house, so what?”

Lay down our pride and preferences. – you can help others by sweeping the floor even if you are professional, that’s not up to your market rate, don’t do it.

Have a winning attitude and always give thanks to God for the awards and praises. We have faith in whatever we do, God will make us succeed.

The God is my banner.

“Unless I bless him, I will not let him go”, here comes the sharing part:


Hee guan mentioned how easy an act of blessing can be. Do something meaningful. Learn to be a blessing. Next week we are to discuss the ways to do the blessings. Take up the place, be it PGP.

Choose to remember Jehovah Nissi. We are always on the winning side.

We end by singing worship song and a word from Hee Guan: I want to be a blessing because I am a blessed one. I need to move out of the comfort zone to bless others. And a prayer:


Rennie – our cell leader prayed for the cell group. He prayed for me on rising up to be the fig tree that has leaves and bears fruits at the same time.

I believe we are in the time of conquer and quest.