Frustration with Delicious

I was using the delicious, after exporting from one of the older account I have, I imported them into a new account. I thought the attributes of “shared” will be maintained in the operation, however, it turns out to be – all of bookmarks are labeled “private”

So I decide to share them, though hard labor – manually clicking the share link. After having done so for about 7 to 8 pages. Delicious showed me a very nice access denied page:

Access Denied - Yahoo

So I decided, as I did nothing wrong, I might as well just feedback to them. I clicked the feedback button, filing up all the details, and ready to submit.

The most surprising thing happened:

No matter what I enter for the picture verification, no matter how I refresh the page (it’s really an insult to my intelligence – I can read! and a demonstration of Yahoo’s customer service):

Wrong Characters Entered

Update: After refresh the delicious page and get the denied again, I am able to at least submit this feedback, though I still could not access my delicious bookmarks.