Why is there no easy audio sharing website?

Today I was about to share some audio files on my blog when I discovered, by surprise, there is no easy way of sharing single audio files at all. Comparing to Youtube, there is no iListen for audio files of shorter length. I miss my blip.tv.

After doing some researches on the Internet, I discovered some posts are suggesting using ODEO to share the files, so that you can have a nice flash player for the files like this:


When I found I could not upload any audio to ODEO, I came across this page which says "SORRY NOOB NOT ALLOWED TO UPLOAD" and encourages people to use alternative services to host the audio files. It’s a weird decision of a company which needs the listeners to use their service. So in the end, I used a mix of SwitchPod + ODEO so that I could still have the nice flash player instead of the tiny wordpress player.