Google SMS in Singapore, Milk you Google Calendar and more

Google Calendar now supports sending SMS reminder to phones in Singapore – Singtel and M1, and here is mine:

My Mobile Setup

How can you shorten your URLs in your Gmail or any other web applications using only one key stroke? Use this piece of greasemonkey script It’s really that simple, choose the URL, press Ctrl+Shift+T, voilà, done!

How can your organize you life better with dear Google Calender’s reminder function? You need a task list yeah? Just milk your Google Calendar with

When you don’t feel like putting a long post but rather gathering your thoughts and capture the links,Logo comes to save you, it’s a very cool collection tool I would say – imagine it like a repository for all your thoughts, photos and discoveries.

These days, more and more people are using twitter to communicate with each other, but they are also longing for more functionalities that could help them. Guess what did I use more for reporting my activities to my friends? Jaiku -> it can import your Gmail account!

In case you wonder what did use for writing this post’s skeleton? Google Talk! How did I do that? Alright, there is this secret weapon called ,this the secret powerful weapon I use to do everything I need from an IM client.