Hockey in Singapore


BrE a game played on grass by two teams of 11 players, with sticks and a ball
American Equivalent: field hockey

AmE a game similar to hockey, but played on ice
British Equivalent: ice hockey

I was watching the kids playing hockey in Fuji Ice Palace in Jurong East – they were having so much fun with each other. Kids playing hockey

They kids, grouped in two teams were competing hard with each other. Staring at the swinging of the hockey sticks, I was recalling hard the childhood I once hard.

I spent more time with my books, my subject exercise and my lessons than any other activists, even sleeping. All the things in my mind at that time was "how to solve a problem more efficiently and effectively" – most probably Math/Physics/Chemistry. Having read the article "Art of Powerful Questions", I started to think differently, with a change of attitudes and goals in my life .

I admire the kids for their extremely positive attitude towards the team members and clear objective to achieve during the game.