BlogOut 2007

First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to Estee Teo for her countless hours put in(*updated link*) to make BlogOut happen, mentioned on the news paper and talked about in the blogsphere.

Thank you, Estee!

Chern Jie pointed out there are these interesting flickr, blog show and profiling system.

Wayne Soh also did a post no his thoughts of this event – please feedback there as well.

Though Google Blog Search

Dr. Bernard Leong did a living blogging post for SG Entrepreneurs from his MacBook Pro, asking for “some courtesy” for “the presenters”

Walter Lim called the event “a Blast“, singing all his the praise for the event.

D K commented on his post that “it was a lesson for many of us” but tagged it wrongly with “nexus”

Kelvin Lim thinks his backpack used for “lifecasting” is “strange”

geNie was showing off her mug and made other people jealous.

Nicole on behalf of says the event is “quite alright”, “thumbs down to the too relaxed atmosphere…not showing enough respect” and “network were not so good”

Adrian Zhou took a lot of photos with his camera,or rather phone.

Vanessa Tan has lot of links of people she know, so check it out if you want to find different people’s blog

And more on Blogout on the blogsphere, please do post you comments here if you have something to tell us

After we have finished BlogOut event, we together had a not-that-short feedback session on the overall event and team performances. There are many things being mentioned and talked about regarding the team, which I think I’ll discuss them later.

Here, let me share with you my own opinions on BlogOut:

  1. The place is overloaded: we welcome diversity, yet due to venue constraints, we need to ensure that we have a suitable number of people attending the event so that each one could talk with each other comfortably. On a side note, if you could HELP US to find the most comfortable venue for an event for 60-300 people please leave your comment here.
  2. There should be no panelists, but several discussion leaders and a roomful of great minds to discuss topics: everyone in the room should think and participate:

    The sum of the expertise of the people in the audience is greater than the sum of expertise of the people on stage.

  3. We need to provide a way to allow 100+ people to access the Internet in a reliable manner. So if you have a solution in mind, you are free to share with us.
  4. Topics should be refined and chosen to cater to most of the people in the audience before the event starts, and we probably should get discussions heated up through blogsphere before the event.
  5. A better discussion leader is needed in each group, who understands his role clearly.
  6. More songs should be incorporated: I love songs.
  7. This post from Yuhui shows that we still have some minor problems with our registration system.

We welcome constructive comments and praises alike.




  1. theory says:

    Hey, it was a good first attempt. It’s hard work pleasing everyone! 🙂

  2. BL says:

    Good job with the event. 🙂
    Thanks for the note.

  3. DK says:

    I feel that the internet connection last night wasn’t that bad after all. Twitter was bad, but that is beyond our control.

  4. eStee says:

    thx for your help. we can work towards improvement 🙂

  5. @estee
    Things are not always within our control, we are doing our best to make things happen, when it doesn’t we find out why and make sure it happens next time. Together, we will solve all the tough questions.

  6. @theory
    We want to do our best efforts to improve for the second episode, thanks for encouraging

    It’s good that you don’t feel the internet is that bad.. I think I feel it because I am so used to NUS network now..

  7. Walter says:

    Nice work on the event and good soul searching too. You know, one thing which amazes me about you guys is how open and candid you are to suggestions, criticisms and feedback after the event. There is obviously a lot of pride in your work. Kudos to the team at The Digital Movement for this is the spirit which will result in eventual winners.

  8. henryleong says:

    Maybe a more casual setting like the kelong, joking.

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