Al Gore

The first time I got to know the name Al Gore was when watching the movie “an inconvenient truth” I got to know this U.S. former vice president. Because of the impact of the movie and the easiness to remember his name, I would always put him name down when playing “Guess Who”.

Only recently, did I discover a video clip on TED. And I love the beginning part on his life after stepping down from the position of vice president – it is genuinely humorous.

Here is a recent video clip from the daily show: Al Gore talks about the current media influence on politics and that he has published a new book called The Assault on Reason.

And Al Gore actually has a video clip about his life, including his mom, wife, and children, which is indeed intriguing for me.

Here comes some fun: “We SHALL DESTROY ALL THE ROBOT!”

And What happens if a giant mirror reflects the sunshine back from pouring directly at the earth

If you are not too bored, and would like to renew your mind by watching something more formal, there is a clip of a TV interview of Al Gore with Chairlie Rose