Steve Jobs on Microsoft

Dropping out of the collage and still dropping in lectures on campus was the best decision Steve Jobs ever made. The decision allowed him to learn the lesson that he could never learn if he was to take his current course.

That was said by Steve Jobs on Stanford Commencement 2005

He mentioned his near-death experience and his philosophy of living everyday life.

Through a techcruch post I realized Steve Jobs and Bill Gates actually commented on each other before publicly, but never was there a public direct conversation:

Here is the video of young Steve Jobs on Microsoft, talking about “Microsoft [in a big way] does not have taste”

And young Bill Gates also had something to say about Macintosh:”[Apple] created a new standard by … capturing people’s imagination”

Digging a bit further, I come to his video, which was about the 1998 Apple-Microsoft deal. Bill addressed the people at MacEXPO with Woo-Ahh

Two iconic figures are going to have a on-stage interview next week at the D conference, let wait and see what is going to happen.

I hope for Nexus 2008, Creative CEO – Sim Wong Hoo and Apple CEO – Steve Jobs could have a panel discussion on stage about digital media arena