First ThinkLab in The World – A quick tour of NUS ThinkLab

Partnered with Lenovo Singapore, the world’s first (?) Thinklab starts its life in National University of Singapore last Saturday.

I first noticed it at the bus stop. Seeing this huge blue banner, I wondered, what was this ThinkLab?

Entered the Computer Center, I followed the signs to the ThinkLab. Along the way, I find there are many Skype posters:

First Floor:

Third Floor:

Soon I found the good old door of the previously known computer lab. It looked nothing more than the good old lab with different stickies on it. I entered the lab, and started looking around. I first noticed the big transparent stickies on the window: ThinkLab – Nice.

Looking around:

I noticed the huge ThinkLab Banner painted on the wall:

A closer look:

I realized then besides upgrading all the machines with webcam and headsets inside the computer lab and rebranded them under “Lenovo”, they added the additional F11 function: worry less

Here is a row of machines near the entrance and a typical cubical setting:

Here is the configuration of the machine: AMD64Bit 2.61Gx2 + 2G Memory:

I got a bit frustrated with the password settings:

There are webcams on some the of the screens, looking really advanced. I slided the lid open and did some photo shooting with the webcam:

I took the picture of the computer using my digital camera:

In the center of the screen was the picture through the webcam:

well, I would say the quality of the photo is not bad, I just hope they would incorporate auto while balancing into the webcam.

They have come up with new advertisement, trying to prove the machine is milk-resilient:

Here is a short video clip around the lab:

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