A Listening Pen that speaks

How I wish I could have this pen with me when I was doing my undergraduate course.

Live Scriber a point-and-click voice memo recorder with on-pen calculator and a nice bluish display.

There is one existing product I know does the job: Logitech io2.

Both of products require special paper which has micro dots on it. If the price of the paper is cheap enough, I’ll consider getting one – Carrying a laptop to digitizing information is too expensive – provided I have not gotten an iPhone or Palm Foleo.

Or if someone donated to me an UMPC like Samsung Q1 Ultra

Watch the demo and you probably love it.

I heard from one guy who was participating in Startup Singapore that his team was developing a similar looking device, which (I think) consists of a motion sensor and a wireless/bluetooth link to the computer, so it operates like a mouse for inputing information into the computer. (sounds like a mouse with a little magnifier at the tip)



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