Bill Gates dating with Macintosh


At the D5 conference by Wall Street Journal, Steve Jobs met Bill Gates again, talking about their business of past, now and future.

Bill Gates’ dating with Macintosh over the years (A Must Watch) = [Prologue]

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I found it very interesting how these two great minds cooperated in the business in the past, e.g. Microsoft bet on Apple II computer to sell off software like BASIC. How $31,000 was spent in the earlier year of Apple Inc. to get Bill and his team down to write a floating point enabled BASIC system.

Apple is like a ship, with a hole in the bottom, leaking water. And my job is to get the ship pointed at right direction. – Steve Jobs

That’s okay.- Bill Gates, doing a gesture that points downwards to the ground.

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Steve Jobs mentioned at the early stage, in his customer base, most people still believed that for Apple to win, Microsoft had to lose. Microsoft was at at time the biggest software developer for Apple outside Apple.

Kara Swisher said she loved the PC guy totally for he was enduring.

The art of those commercials is not to be mean, but for the guys to like each other. PC guys are great. – Steve Jobs

They love the fact that Apple has created a gigantic market, and they are trying to come in and contribute something to that. – Bill Gates

Software for XBOX 360 was actually written on Macs. I now realize why the graphics on XBOX360 are so wonderful. When Microsoft switched to PowerPC chip, Apple switched away.

Steve Jobs said “Apple views itself as a software company. iPod is about software – iTunes, Mac is about software, OSX and iPhone is hope to be about software”

Bill mentioned that partnership was important, he exemplified that by the robot software that was running in each tiny robots (built by Microsoft)

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“…we tend to look forward… let’s stop looking backwards here, it’s all about what happens tomorrow…let’s go and invent tomorrow”

“There are … young people … building companies, who want to build companies, … not just selling it out to … big guys”

Google Maps on iPhone is far superior than that on the desktop client, a rich client.

“… The marriage of some great client apps with some great cloud services in incredible powerful…”
– Steve Jobs

Bill would carry a tablet PC, Steve would carry an iPhone and a Mac Book Pro in 5 years. to rely the most.

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“Isn’t it funny that ship leaks from the top?” -Steve Jobs on the description of his 20s

Steve believes that the most interesting things on the Internet are services “that make people’s life better.”
Bill Gates has a different view of a ecosystem that builds on each to make things happen.

Both agrees on partnership is important, but they have different approaches. Partnering with people do things better than you, like Google is Apple’s approach. Building a ecosystem so that people can partner with Microsoft is Bill’s thinking.

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In the current Hollywood business, people are watching how the music industry is doing. Apple created iTunes to meet the need of “Legal Business of Internet Music”. While Bill stresses on the fact of educational communities through XBOX Live is the trend, where people could navigate easily on the platform. (?)

Steve Jobs believes the radical change of the user interface from the time of Xerox will happen more on the Post-PC devices like iPhones. Bill thinks people are so getting used to the current interface, it is hard for them to change.

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“…I actually kind of miss some of the people that are not around any more. People come and go in this industry. It’s nice for someone to stick around…Take the risk to bring something new – Bill Gates on Steve Jobs”

“You and I have memories longer than the road that stretches ahead, that’s clearly true here. Steve Jobs on Bill Gates”

They got a standing ovation!

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Q1. What to say to the next President?

Education, Energy, Stability

Q2. Diversity or Convergence?

Min: Apple and Microsoft. Market lets the company come and go and come back again.

Q3. Legacies?

Bill: Personal Computer. The magic software.

Steve: We found we loved to do,..and do we love doing.

Q4. Internet Media Business

The ones are successful love what they do when the environment gets really tough, those who weren’t quit, for they are sane.

An intelligent team, you need great people!

Q5. What to learn from each other:

Bill: Taste

Steve: Partnership

Q6. Any generation concern?

Steve: Seniors buying Mac with video camera to communicate, Apple is training the seniors to learn

Bill: Surface computing makes more sense to the CEOs

Q7. Any new communication tool?

Transporter? Can’t imagine.

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