Why we choose to be in TDM

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Most of the companies today has the mentality of driving people to be productive. Instead of motivating intrinsically, they give extrinsic rewards, so people would work hard ensure, take sufficient exams or perhaps do something more extreme to ensure that they could climb up another step on the corporate ladder.

People’s passion and energy either dries up doing this day after day, or they start devoting them into other areas, which results in job-hopping.

The Digital Movement(TDM), is one organization I am in for nearly 8 months. I knew some of the people a while ago; longest dates back to 2+ years ago.

Here is a little history of TDM from Dinois Chuia, in which she mentioned things like the old name of TDM, how we got the support from NTUC and more.

Today, we had a little discussion about TDM history:

And why each one of us would like to be in the TDM

Estee + Some Questions:

Zhen Hoe + A screaming me:

I actually think I did make many valid points through the screaming session, however, ZhenHoe shut down during the discussion and therefore, nothing got done at the end of the day.

Swati (A MBA Graduate):

Me (Me la..) :

Dionis (A lot of management) :

Together we can make a difference!

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