Imagine one day all the photos are ONE

(The sadness in the new media communication today)

That day is not far from reality, says Microsoft Photosynth. This is a brand new service Microsoft is building, the aim of which is to stitch all the photos taken in the world together (from flickr, photobucket, etc.) to form one big picture where each part consists of photos taken by someone in the world.

First demonstrated in TED 2007, powered by Seadragon technology, Photosynth in undoubtedly my favorite photo browsing experience on the Internet so far. I love to see adjacent photo being combined to form a huge 3d collection, it’s like a panoramic photo in 3D without human interference(or the minimum).

It looks something like this:

is the first big corporation to endorse this idea, so together with Microsoft Research, they’ve built a collection of future photography for you to view, check it out and you’ll be amazed how Artificial Intelligence has advanced up to today’s standard.

Microsoft Surface? Cool enough, but that all are wireless with bar codes is killing me

Palm Foleo? Well, I love it, but the price tag has set up the barrier.

Apple iPhone? Somebody tell me if it’s gonna work in Singapore.

By the way, check out Microsoft Lab, they do have interesting projects which you will see in 5 years’ time (Vista SP2? :D)

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