Thou shalt not cheat

Through Engadget, I find this piece of news on Reuters about cheating in examinations. While cheating is nothing amazing because of its ubiquitous presence, the advance in the technology used for cheating does amuse me. While wearable computers are still in the lab in MIT, the news reports the following thins:

  • 42 pairs of so-called “cheating shoes” with transmitting and reception ability
  • “cheating wallets” and hats.

And in a separate article, we have

  • wigs and shirts that would allow them to communicate questions and answers via mobile phones without being discovered

Another one:

  • shoe-based computer, connected wirelessly to an earpiece
  • by tapping his foot … to calculate what number would come up next

Frankly, I am totally amazed by the people who invented these technologies, they should be seriously in the labs and develop better wearable computer for people who hates a bog lump on the desktop like me.