Fun time with Twitter

This cool dude is using his twitter to create this:

Free Image Hosting at (a flower consisting of all the twitter avatars)

and Twitter Mosaic Qulit with all the avatars cached. I learn this from him: you can always create arts from a huge pile of things, regardless if the things are artistic enough to the standard of the creation.

Flying aroud the Google Map is kinda boring, as twittter vision realized, so they put this 3D version online. It’s totally cool with only AJAX and Flash to show 3D model!

The twitter badge provided by twitter itself seems to be only working when they are fewer than 2 people accessing it at the same time, so a self-made badge like this one is really cool. SWX is powering it

Twitter is again a good platform to harvest information, I am imaging the data and statistics they have should be huge, and personalized Ads and information service should be not that far from realization.

Seriously, Jaiku is better 🙂