Hack the closet to get the proper look

I came acorss this article about how to address properly in a job interivew. However, I do consider the following rules could be applied to all occasions if you always consider your public image to b important:

Make sure your clothes are ALWAYS neat and clean. Keep your shoes well maintained. There is a reason for the expression, “down at the heels.” Keep you hair neat and keep it trim. Ladies, if you choose to wear make-up, keep it subtle and understated. Keep you nails well manicured. Dress for the image you want to build, dress like a CEO as if you are already one.

If you wish to portray yourself as self-confident and well composed, you should dress in a moderate and traditional fashion. Competent people do not feel the need to display themselves with extravagance and flamboyant attire.

If you wish to be perceived as competitive and aggressive, attire yourself in the sport fashion. Sport jackets and khaki slacks communicate a subliminal message of activity and aggression. Too aggressive can be seen as threatening.

If you wish to avoid being perceived as immature and conquerable, leave your jeans in the closet. This apparel sends the message that you would rather find a way to make do with comes rather than take a stand for what you want.

The article is longer, and talking about why you should not dress in some manner, if you want to avoid certain look like “being so out of fashion, you might want to take a look”

Oh girls, you might want to hang one of these straps to your phone 🙂

[via lifehack & GeekChic]