Reality is the New Media

Totally awesome video on new media. Got that from Jeremiah Owyang’s Post(awesome)

I remembered seeing a similar video in one of the nexus2007 session when second life people are presenting. (Can somebody gimme a hint where to find the video? I remembered it was a website) Here is the video done by the same company. Read from Jeff Javis’s post (thanks):

Both video tell a story of how the world is merging and developing into a place where the line between virtual society and real world is constantly being blurred, content intermixed and interaction extended.

A person who produces knowledge and consumes knowledge at the same time

I am seriously waiting for the day to come where I can tough the virtual world. This was the excitement for new things, the anxiety of hoping it to be true earlier and the worry that “what if (virtual robots start controlling human brain)”.

I want to be part of this history, do you?