Twitter, Twitter, Twitter

I think the success of Twitter over Jaiku is not really the technology behind it, or how good the technology is, but the fever of technology that is penetrating into people’s life since the lit of fire. Look, here is one new add-on for your Firefox which allows you to write anything you like without leaving the browser.

is the tool that I personally use to update both my Twitter and Jaiku account, though I love the way Jaiku is gathering information from my blog and flickr’s rss feeds.

My current update for both flickr and twitter account is:
Watching the censorship on Flickr (It actually mentioned Singapore)

Update: it looks like Jaiku is going to roll out a killer app in the coming supernova conference [via mashable]. I am really looking forward to that, Jaiku’s overall performance is great!

Update2: Oh well, here is the video posted to viddler about the new application running on top of Nokia N95. It looks awesome with native phone integration. I so wanted a Nokia phone now.