Singapore is a darn expensive place to live in

SINGAPORE, ranked 17th most expensive place to live in the world last year, took a huge leap in year 2007. Ranking the 14th, Singapore is slightly less expensive to live in comparing to Paris and more expensive to New York. [via Mercer]

According to the survey by the same company, the quality of living in Singapore is ranked 34th this year, maintaining the same level. (Thanks to the increase in GST)

I did a simple cross-referencing of these two tables and the conclusion i have is here:

Places you want to go to live and do something else

  • Russia (more expensive with less quality)
  • London (ditto)
  • Tokyo, Osaka (ditto)
  • Hong Kong (ditto)
  • Paris (similar expense and quality)

Places you want to go to live

  • Zurich (more expensive, much better quality)
  • Copenhagen (ditto)
  • Geneva (ditto)
  • Oslo (ditto)
  • Vancouver (less expensive, better quality)
  • Sydney (ditto)
  • Toronto (ditto)

Satisfied living in Singapore? According the statistics and research, I am happy, though I will occasionally miss seasons and especially winter. The living expense here is moderately higher than that in the last I last lived in China. And comparing Singapore with all the cities on acres of land, amount of natural resources, I think I am more than happy to be around this place.

Are you satisfied?




  1. The standard of living here is pretty comfortable, but the rent increases in Singapore this year are so frustrating…

  2. rippoff says:

    Singapore use to be cheaper but now the electronics are more expensive than Europe!! Not worth going there anymore.

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