Singapore is a darn expensive place to live in

SINGAPORE, ranked 17th most expensive place to live in the world last year, took a huge leap in year 2007. Ranking the 14th, Singapore is slightly less expensive to live in comparing to Paris and more expensive to New York. [via Mercer]

According to the survey by the same company, the quality of living in Singapore is ranked 34th this year, maintaining the same level. (Thanks to the increase in GST)

I did a simple cross-referencing of these two tables and the conclusion i have is here:

Places you want to go to live and do something else

  • Russia (more expensive with less quality)
  • London (ditto)
  • Tokyo, Osaka (ditto)
  • Hong Kong (ditto)
  • Paris (similar expense and quality)

Places you want to go to live

  • Zurich (more expensive, much better quality)
  • Copenhagen (ditto)
  • Geneva (ditto)
  • Oslo (ditto)
  • Vancouver (less expensive, better quality)
  • Sydney (ditto)
  • Toronto (ditto)

Satisfied living in Singapore? According the statistics and research, I am happy, though I will occasionally miss seasons and especially winter. The living expense here is moderately higher than that in the last I last lived in China. And comparing Singapore with all the cities on acres of land, amount of natural resources, I think I am more than happy to be around this place.

Are you satisfied?



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  1. Singapore use to be cheaper but now the electronics are more expensive than Europe!! Not worth going there anymore.

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