GDP of Singapore = South Carolina

GDP Around the World

I came across the picture depicting the GDP levels in U.S. in different states [via strangemaps] by using the GDP of different countries. I am happy to learn the GDP of Singapore is equal to South Carolina. Looking at different states that is represented by other countries, which are several time larger than Singapore, I am really impressed by the leadership of this country.

In the iX Academic Forum today, I had a chance to talk with Jennifer Lewis and
Mike Downey on topics like Premium Education and Free Products. Mike told us that private schools are getting more and more popular these days, it cost people an arm and a leg to put their kids in the school to give them a pair of golden wings.

Not surprisingly, the premium education is stuffing more and more knowledge into the kid’s, which I do not agree. Kids should have a childhood playing, not being locked up in a room to learn things!

However, despite the disagreement on whether to put kids in this education system, I agree with Mike that the hunger for something better is there.

Jennifer then mentioned how Singapore Government wanted to give each house a computer, but they thought that action might not bring the maximum benefits to the citizens without letting them having the hunger for the products.

Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore has this plan for iN2015, which intends to provide a fast and stable Internet Infrastructure (Wired and Wireless) for everyone in Singapore. One main purpose of think is to make people want to use the structure, creating the hunger for device that leverage the infrastructure. By then giving each family a computer could come naturally.

Brilliant Government and Interesting Statergy.