Google – Enterprise 2.0

During the iX2007 Conference, Google’s VP of Engineering and Chief Information Officer Douglas Merrill explained Enterprise 2.0 from a Googler’s perspective.
Douglas Merrill

Here is the audio content:

I love his animated presence on the stage and wonderfully crafted words. I was to conclude that what he talked about was really the vision before I discovered this great video on Youtube through PodTech – Eric Schmidt and Douglas Merrill on Google Apps:

Google’s Enterprise 2.0: Outsource your company to Google

Yes, Douglas did a great sales pitch to a great number of audience including many managers and directors. After listening to him again, I found the message he trying to get across was: “Google Ads and Google Apps are what you need for you Enterprise in this 2.0 Era”

Brilliant! Because he has built rapport with audience through explaining Google’s vision, the bad company strategies of buying more support than the software, etc. before he started talking about these two products which solves these problems perfectly, audience get easily into this pitch. And by ending on a low voice on how great the products are but personal view on how these things will bring improvement to the company, he got rid of the image of pitching products and gained people’s trust again.

Greats tactics of Google: We only talk about Google’s products, with no direct comparison to other software

Still, I love this guy’s charisma: an ex-investment banker, a brilliant writer and speaker with passion for technology and more.