New Media Contigent in Singapore

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To us, new media is the convergence of new technological trends and the new marketing paradigms.

With that in mind, during the iX Conference, we have set up a New Media Booth for the purpose of introducing to you the people in Singaporean Community who are are caring for the development in media around the world. They are constantly seeking, forming and sharing in various communities – They are the people making great stuff happen in New Media landscape of Singapore!

We compiled a list of people within the communities that we reach out to and with profiles attached to each of them, and here it is:

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Community Builder

Felix Soh and Jennifer Lewis

Felix Soh and Jennifer Lewis are the Supervising Editor and Editor of STOMP, an interactive portal set up by the 162 year old Straits Times. This popular interactive portal celebrated its first birthday recently and has seen a year of phenomenal growth since its burst onto the media scene, with over 70 million page views recorded to date.

James Seng

James Seng is one of the Internet pioneers in Singapore and is recognized as an international expert in the Internet arena. Besides that techie side of his, he is also behind Tomorrow.SG, the most popular meta blog aggregator in Singapore. Currently, he is an investor/entrepreneur, working on both technology infrastructure projects, as well as upcoming web 2.0 startups to help them get to the next stage.


U-Zyn is a freelance web developer who founded and developed, the community meta blog for Singapore bloggers – a site that he wishes all of Singapore bloggers can call home. Currently serves as a site for people to follow the happenings in the blogosphere of Singapore in near real-time and also for bloggers to interact among themselves.

Yoke Ching

Yoke Ching is the one behind Moblog, which is the largest mobile blogging community in Singapore. She is a new media practitioner who constantly builds and manages new social networking platforms and communities such as Moblog and UberMe(, keeping us on the edge of new media.

Entrepreneurs and Technologists

Choon Keat

Choon Keat is the developer behind SharedCopy, a popular Web2.0 social networking website that has gotten rave reviews from various websites and organizations including TechCrunch & WallStreetJournal. He consumes tonnes of RSS feeds, podcasts and vodcasts and buys many IT-related books – which is Life’s ironic revenge on his no-textbook rule during school time.

R. Chandrasekar

Velvet Puffin is the mobile social networking company that pioneered the concept of “always-on” social networking, giving users a constant presence across the web, desktop, and mobile. They are also the first Singaporean company to be featured on Techcrunch.

Lucian Teo

A web standards evangelist working continually on making the web accessible to a myriad of browsers, devices and people. Lucian founded the Web Standards Group, Singapore and represents Singapore on The Web Standards Project’s International Liaison Group. When not wading through markup, Lucian can be found speaking at various web design conferences.

Veron Ang

The youngest of the group, Veron blogs at, a highly popular Singapore website that is more of an online lifestyle magazine. Besides having a loyal following, her product and food reviews have also earned her partnerships with renowned companies like Nokia and LG. As a designer, she helped design and is currently working on She uses her online influence for social causes, like the $2 project.

Bernard Leong

Bernard is a young academic & passionate entrepreneur who co-founded and blogs in SG Entrepreneurs and Singapore Angle to encourage collaboration, entrepreneurship, civil and rational discourse on social and political issues in the new media landscape of Singapore.

Michael Cheng

Michael is a serial entrepreneur, Web 2.0 and new media advocate in Singapore. He has built a series of Web 2.0 sites, including the recent Watch out for more exciting updates from him soon!

Justin Lee

Justin is from e27 Singapore, an organization which pioneered the concept of unconference and showcased exciting web 2.0 startups in Singapore. They recently tied up with NUS Entrepreneur Center IDM Fund to create e27 garage, so watch out for them creating more upcoming events.

New Media Practitioner

Kevin Lim

Kevin Lim studies and shares his interest in the wide-ranging cultural affordances of technology, focusing particularly on citizen journalism and the pedagogical aspects of social media. Through the use of popular culture, he makes it easy to understand various online phenomena via his blog: [], a popular socio-technology blog in Singapore well read across the world.

Walter Lim

One who relishes innovative approaches to marketing and public relations, Walter loves challenging the status quo and creating new ways of solving old marketing problems. He conceptualised the idea of, Singapore’s first heritage and museum blog which is ranked the 5th museum blog in the world. A cross-over specialist who thrives in both traditional and new media, he is an avid believer that the future of marketing belongs to customers and not corporations. He writes at

Benjamin Koe

is a technologist disguised as a PR consultant. He currently works at Hill & Knowlton Singapore in the technology practice and is the company’s new media specialist. This ex-technology journalist finds great joy in making technology work for marketing. He also co-founded and built and blogs at

Coleman Yee

is known for his fresh perspectives and deep insights. He has been influential in the Singapore social media scene, particularly in the areas of citizen journalism, corporate blogging, and education. His work as an information and experience design consultant at PebbleRoad pays the rent. Coleman blogs at, and will do (almost) anything for food.

Debbie Cai

is the Editor of Marketing Magazine who also manages Marketing Interactive and Marketing Daily, the e-news bulletin with a circulation of nearly 20,000. Marketing Magazine runs 2 blogs: Pitch Marketing (, to better connect with readers and elicit feedback on issues and Your Marketing Pitch ( solely for readers who have something to say and share.




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