Working Less is More

The awesome writer Tim Ferris wrote a book called “The 4-Hour Workweek“, which talks how about how to cut down your time wasters in every day’s life.

Here is not-that-short interview by Robert Scoble.

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There is a nice book excerpt on Life Hacker here.

I have read the book once this Month, and I am going to read the book again in one month’s time. Once thing I learnt from the book is the 20/80 percent rule. And one application of that is to find the 20% people which brings 80% of your happiness in your life. And talk to them more often.

Working less brings more opportunities for you to broaden your thinking and expand your vision, for the product of being effective in working is an improvement in amount of free time you have.

However, that does not mean you are able to get away with less effort. “Working Less” sounds deceptive enough as “Working fewer hours with same effort”

The secret of getting more productive through less time of work is to put in more efforts, not less. Why? I think you know the answer 😀