Wedding Vows 2.0

I could still remember the day when we made our wedding vow:
Vowing Wedding Favors
And when she got first her first child:
Skyping Baby Names

As technology evolves, people’s mind set changes slowly with it.

Sapir Whorf Hypothesis states that the language one uses influence his actions.

The more we use the language that involves the technology, the more we incline to think that way. Since Google has entered Oxford English Dictionary as a verb, the world is open to all the possibilities of letting the trend shape the thoughts.

Do you have a Mind Set 2.0?
Mind Set 2.0 is an open-sourced, non-priority thinking methodology that is licensed under creative commons, with VCs and investors in mind, always prepared to blog, podcast or ustream interesting or value added information to the global community through Facebook, YouTube and Blogs at any time, which is to achieve two way conversations, clicks and click-throughs, therefore $$ from Adwords that are generated from the various technorati tags you put in your post, or the trust and authority people put in you which is linked to the products you sell through viral marketing: word of mouth – always remember the tipping point and Google at the back of their mind along with IPO.




  1. coolinsider says:

    Eeeewwww…. I think perhaps we should start a new digital movement – speaking like normal human beings. 😉

  2. @Walter
    Upon seeing you words, I instantly recalled the clip I saw from 1983 media:
    Bed 2.0: Web 2.0 is a dirty word
    Perhaps with the Speak Good English movement in Singapore, we show emphasize that English should not be too geeky as well.

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