Microsoft ReMIX 2007 Afternoon

This was the screen saver they used to attracted my attention, and it was awesome:


You can down load the screensaver here

In the afternoon I went over to the business track titled THE POWER OF DIGITAL MEDIA. The speech was based on the idea that with the invention of technology that enables people to digest information electronically, the advertising scheme of personalization and the underlying software platform will emerge to become main revenue generator for business.

The speaker is Chris Schaumann. He is Country Sales Manager in Singapore of Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions. And I think that’s the reason I never find his talk boring comparing to some pure technical track I attended later.

I jotted down a few things he talked about and with my reviews of them following right after them.

Consumers are taking control, being more sophisticated, they choose what they want to see.

Starhub is doing trail on TiVO in Singapore, the result? We skip the Ads. and watch the program encored. This reminds me of the commercial I watched at the end of TED talk, produced by BWM. That’s awesome.

Blogs have changed people’s ideas of New Information.

Only 2% of 30% of the people in Singapore spends time on advertising.

We need to utilize the radical change brought by Internet to work on the information feeding to us.

Take a look at where Microsoft wants to change the image of New online Advertising.

Steve Ballmer has talked about Windows Before, Developer followed. And a year ago, Steve Ballmer talks about Advertising, Advertising and Advertising!

– Find the Video on Youtube –

The market of software and advertising are converging, the overlap of these two markets are producing a huge market for software platform. Windows is claiming to be a window platform and services provider.

XBox360 Server enables cross platform game: XBOX360 vs PC

Massive InGame advertising: Streaming Ads according to your profile and put in the game – Oh, well we know who you are! That’s really nice ads.

25 Year Old Adults are the main target of these Ads. I think more vibrant ads would attract people’s attention: example I see a wine ads, and estee see a diet coke.

5 Years down the road, WCG with games when virtual reality become true, we see the trend converging of real and virtual advertising.

Microsoft in Concert: Streaming live/archives of the concert.

On 07/07/07 Live Earth Concert -> You can watch the concert live through MSN

Al Gore is coming to Singapore this August, Microsoft is supporting that.

Encarta Bot is something interesting add this, thanks to Jiin Joo

Nike is cool! 🙂 Nike Kimewaza



  1. Hi Peter,

    Thanks for this post and summary! 🙂

    Just a couple of corrections:
    – Starhub HAS NOW ROLLED OUT AN IPTV OFFERING [is doing trail on TiVO in Singapore]
    – Only 2% OF THE ADVERTISING IS SPENT ONLINE, WHEREAS [of] 30% of the TIME IS BEING SPEND [people] in Singapore [spends time on advertising].
    – MICROSOFT[Windows] is claiming to be a [window] platform and services provider.
    – XBox[360] LIVE [Server] enables cross platform game: XBOX360 vs PC (VISTA)



  2. Chris, thank you for providing official Microsoft view here!

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