Pownce Invitation

Thanks to Nicky I have gotten 1 Pownce account. It dose look differently from Twitter and work different from Twitter. A brief introduction is here and a thanks to AW

Kevin Rose’s new baby. Take a ride with it 🙂 If you need an invitation, do write down your email in the comments. (5 in total)



  1. melvin says:

    Hi Peter,

    May I have an invite pls? You’ve got my e-mail 🙂

  2. seven says:


  3. craig says:

    hope u not take 0 for o

  4. Hunter says:

    May i please have one?
    Thank you!

  5. I have one invitation left, Huntahub has gotten the invitation from someone else 😀


  6. novrain says:

    Still one left?
    Thank you!

  7. Alright, I have run out of the all the pownce invitations. If you need some, please email to those people who got the invitation 🙂

  8. ann says:

    Can I have another from those ones?

    Thank you!! 🙂

  9. HgRising says:

    If anyone else has one I would appreciate it greatly if you could send me an invitation. Thanks.


  10. Süperego says:

    Please if you have an invitation for pownce, my email account: ciazma@macslave.com. I would like to have an account for pownce. Thank you!

  11. @ann

    What are you email addresses?

    Invitation Sent

  12. holics says:

    I need one too! Please!

    Thank you!

  13. @holics:

    I want to give to you, but how? Okay I know, I will send the invitation to i.need.an.email@gmail.com

  14. Calif says:

    Want easy invites? A few buddies of mine started an IRC channel on it.

    Use the java chat app at this site:

    Or just connect to IRC.SyntheticGeeks.com (Join #syntheticgeeks or #pownce)

  15. bob says:

    Could i get a pownce invite Blind3149@gmail.com

  16. @bob

    I hope you have gotten it now 🙂

  17. Kent says:

    I need a invite too if anyone has one much thankz.

  18. shod4n says:

    Pls, me too : )


    Thx so much !

  19. @Kent & shod4n

    I have sent my LAST TWO invitations out.


    — Go to other places to find invitations if you are still looking for some.

  20. raghav says:

    Hello to all, i need pownce invitation code, if anybody can send it to me then i really appreciate your help. here is my mail address:

  21. Jo says:

    would love an invite too.
    weakpulse [at] yahoo [dot] com
    thanks a million!

  22. SEO Ranter says:

    I’m offering a vaguely fair exchange for my pownce invitations, if anyone still needs one.

  23. Varun Sah says:

    may i have a pownce invitation plz ….

  24. Nobz says:

    May I have an invite nobz@comcast.net

  25. Josyan says:

    Pownce Pretty Please!?!

  26. dicedtomatoe says:

    invite please!

  27. Sammah says:

    I would like one if you have any left.
    Thanks in advanced


  28. ollylewis says:

    I need a pownce account, oh sweet JC i need one…


  29. msakiya says:

    please send me a invitation…



  30. Seba says:

    Hello to all, i need pownce invitation code, if anybody can send it to me then i really appreciate your help. here is my mail address:

  31. Jorge says:

    can you send me an invitation code please

  32. bear says:

    Hi – Spare a pownce invite? pls email to bearsito@excite.com


  33. Luke says:

    Would appreciate an Pownce invite if anyone has one..
    theworkz at gmail dot com

  34. ROBT54 says:

    if anyone still has a pownce invite i would greatly appreciate one. thanks in advance.

  35. ikhanh says:

    please, can someone invite me into pownce. khanhd@gmail.com

  36. alen says:

    can I please get one? dondarko@gmail.com thanks much appreciated!

  37. Abi Surd says:

    Have any left? Please send to


  38. @Luke, ROBT54, darren, ikhanh, alen, Christopher,Abi Surd

    You guys gota find pownce invitation somewhere or wait a while for another round.

    I have sent out the pownce invitations to you 🙂

  39. Ramiro says:

    ramiroandres84 [at] gmail [dot] com THNKS!

  40. Peter says:

    Hi. Can you please send me an invitation code for pownce? Thank you in advance. gh0st2@gmx.net Peter.

  41. Enkel says:

    Can you please send me an invite code for pownce?


  42. jbrowski says:

    heard pownce is the real deal. anyone have an invite they could send? thanks!! jharvey@nc.rr.com

  43. Lobo says:

    Hi.. i just heard of pownce on the Lab with leo.. Do you realy have invites? could i plz have one? 🙂

  44. For those who wants Pownce Invitation, could you leave your email address here?

  45. Alright, except for that mailnull guy, I guess all of you must have received the invitations from me or someone around. Cheerios using Pownce. 🙂

  46. Syngensmyth says:

    Would love an invite, thanks.

  47. Ryan says:

    I’m dying to get myself an invite, can you pass one along to rwstevenson [at] gmail [dot] com?

    I’d appreciate it!!

  48. Ryan says:

    got it, thanks!

  49. Miguel says:

    i need a pownce invitation code

  50. mike says:

    Hey, got any left? I’d appreciate it.

    mike60240 [at] gmail [dot] com

  51. John says:

    Hey Peter,

    Nice blog! Any pownce invites left?



    johnpcecil at gmail dot com

  52. Myra says:

    Hi can someone please send me an invite code. sweetcrush80@yahoo.com Thanks

  53. I realize this was dragged too long: Is there anyone else who wants to get a invitation has not received one yet?

  54. StRiKeR says:

    I need a Pownce invite. Can you send me?


  55. CLR says:

    I’d love a Pownce invite.



  56. Patrick says:


    I know I am a stranger to you, but I would be really very grateful if you can spare an invite.

    Kind regards,


  57. Patrick says:

    Helo again,

    Just realised that my reply email is not published – it is :

  58. meth0d says:

    pweeze pweeze pweeze invite pweeze

    shadycheney [at] gmail [dot] com

  59. jose says:

    Hello from Chile i need one pleaaaase jost at 01.cl

  60. Overdosse says:

    i want to!!…please send it to me at:


  61. Mark says:

    Need an invitation code. Somebody? I’m in Asia. TheEdge [at] Hotmail [.] com


  62. SergioLopes says:

    Hi there…
    still any invites left ? i would apreciate one…


    thanks in advance

  63. Mani says:

    @Du Senyao Peter

    You are doing a nice thing by sending out all these invites. If you have any left can you please send me an invite on:


    If you don’t have any left, thanks anyways and i really appreciate your kindness 🙂

  64. derek says:

    I would really appreciate an invite if anyone has one.
    Also thanks in advance.

  65. Anil says:

    I would appreciate a Pownce invite as well, if anyone can spare one.


  66. Jernej says:

    Please invite me too! POWNCE OWNZ! xjernejx@gmail.com

  67. Dee Valentine says:

    If you can spare an invite code, I sure would appreciate it.


    dvalentinejr (at) yahoo.com

  68. Erwin says:


    Could you please send me “Invitation Code”.


  69. Erwin says:


    Could you please send me “Invitation Code”.
    My E-Mail: erwin@optinity.com


  70. Danny says:

    Mind if I get an invitation code too? my email is Daniel@CodiacPhoenix.net


    – Danny

  71. Bob None says:

    could you hook meh up with a code too?! darkatheroth@hotmail.com

  72. Yogesh says:

    Could you please send me “Invitation Code”. at yogeshgupta26@gmail.com

  73. Do u have one more for me too?

    Please send the code to stefan[dot]schleifer[at]gmail[dot]com

    kind regards,


  74. Patrick says:

    could totally use a pownce account. i would be much appreciative. thanks man.

  75. Egin says:

    I would love an invite as i would like to try this out in my work environment.


  76. Dukeswharf says:

    Are there any more Pownce invitation codes available? I would really appreciate one.

    dukeswharf (at) gmail (dot) com

    Many thanks in advance.

  77. scraig says:

    I would love an invite


  78. Nick says:

    Could someone please send me an invite?


    thanks so much!

  79. naruto says:

    please give me a invitation. shade_angel15@yahoo.com.vn

  80. poker rule says:

    Hello. May I rent your layout for my site? 🙂

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