Ever Lost your Phone?

tenCube, our very Singapore startup company has officially launched a mobile phone security product called WaveSecure.

The product offers several functionalities including:

  • Lock your phone remotely
  • Trace your phone
  • Backup information in your phone
  • Restore information to your phone
  • Wipe all the data in your phone

Here is a short demo by one of the team players, he walked us through the main features of the product: lock your phone from being used by unwanted people.

My personal review: this is a good product to have when you have many contacts in your phone that is confidential. You can make sure the minimum is leaked to whoever picked up your phone.

Things I think the software should improve: scare NOT people away with the scary tone and an non-informative screen. Provide them with the owner’s address and contact information (first contact, second contact), so whoever gets the phone could return the phone easily. REMOVE the scary sound: most people are to help, they just don’t know how to help by looking up the contact list – Help them with NO scary sound. Give them the option to call first / second contact when the device is locked up. (These can be part of the business model)

Talking about the phone, the iPhoney iPhone is my top list. Please support them as there are a large of people going to switch phone next Year

Apple iPhone -  Most Ripped Gadget Ever?

And one more thing: the current models supported by WaveSecure are mainly Nokia Models, the sad truth about people who would like to pay are largely using Treo Palm Series and BlackBerry series.

There are some interesting advertising going around, like this

And a final peek around the place