A Strange Encounter in the Bar Tonight

When I was traveling back home from the Ping.sg Party tonight, I went on a special bar. Sitting in front of the counter, I saw this charming man smiling at me with smirk on his face. I started to wonder, who is this man, and why is he smiling at me in such a strange manner?

Sitting comfortable on my white chair,

I took a second look closer at this man:

He is still smiling, still charming to me. I was wondering if I was in the dream. “Where am I”? I cried out

Then I took another detailed look around the place, and I realized something.

Did you realize the same thing as I did?



17 thoughts on “A Strange Encounter in the Bar Tonight

  1. Hello
    ecl is the biggest winner because she gave uyzn $200 for the cake. Uyzn accepted $200 from ecl is a fact. So what did he accept fm veron for best blog of the year?

    uzyn said ecl is a loser after she became the biggest winner. So why is he shielding a bigger loser who only win 2 awards?

    the awards by Ping.sg are for losers? uyzn took back ecl’s 4 trophies oredi wat. Who is the meanest and biggest loser in Ping.sg?

  2. heyy!!! which bus is it? i wanna know that guy!!!!

    OMG SBS doing bus service with cute guys and alcohol!!

  3. that doesn’t seem like a REAL man and a REAL bar to me, on second look.


    is there something ya hiding from us hmmmm peter?

  4. Ofcourse that’s a poster! The guy looks “exactly” the same in both the pics [except for the lighting] … that just won’t happen in a real photo … Anyways, nice bus, not much good for me as I don’t drink … still, nice. Would be cool owning one of those …

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