– Happy Birthday! Party + DK Speech

Thanks to U-zyn, - the community meta blog for singapore bloggers was born out of his room one year ago. Today, 07/07/07, instead of caring for the Live Earth and pledge for reduction in carbon dioxide, we came together to celebrate the birthday of

Co-Hosted by Digital Terrorist – Brennan Neoh, I could remember the event as full of laughter and fun times.

Interestingly, for all the awards that have been given away, I could only remember two people: DK and EastCoastLife. For they have received the most awards and left most memorable times for the audience.

I remembered when they were co-hosting on the stage about the most insightful blog, they constantly joked about each other on the winner. What a good cooperation!

I love DK for his insightful thoughts and humble attitude in public. We had quite a number of audience in this party waiting for DK’s presence:

DK has quite a good sense of humor, when he received his first price, he gave this speech:

And his second speech:

After that people celebrate together:

and we have the master of coffee: Danny!




  1. DK says:

    It feels so funny looking and listening to yourself in the video.

  2. DK: yes, I felt a bit awkward to hear myself talking in the video as well. Oh well, it’s okay! 😀

  3. dk is quite a guy, isn’t he? 🙂

  4. wah.. eastcoastlife still didn’t sleep now. Yeah. DK is quite a guy, with quite a mix of good qualities!

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