Connecting…Connecting…Still Connecting… !@#$%?


Online Dating with MySpace and Facebook 

Imagine having 3488 friends on your Facebook, 1492 friends on Pownce and 4452 friends on Twitter, how can you build relationship with each one of those? Ask Robert Scoble. When technology barriers is lowered, people around the world desire connections, more connections, better connections and more innovative ways of connections, which leads to a vacuum of relationships.

There are some recent posts on this subject:

Steve Rubel reflected on the important social networking tools we have been using since year 2003, ranging from Friendster, LinkedIn, Blogging, YouTube, MySpace to recent Facebook, Twitter and iPhone.

Dave Slusher announced that he finally decided to give up in the conquest for better and shinier platforms.

And Jason Calacanis declared he quit the Facebook with a quote:

Facebook is a multilevel marketing platform where you agree to pay attention to people’s gestures in the hopes that those people will pay-attention to your gestures in the future

On the Internet, Robert Scoble seems to the king of connections, every cyber place he goes, there are a dozen of followers, but the question is “can a normal person handle that”?

The Internet today has shaped our life, especially the younger generation’s, towards more and more Internet oriented. Via the Internet, we book tickets, shop for goods, seek for advice, tell people our stories, and now, make connections. Thousands of web applications have sprung out for this purpose, the social networking applications. I love to find my old classmates on Xiaonei, link with speakers through Facebook and get an introduction through LinkedIn. They are still, however, the means, not the end of a relation. Human’s psychology has determined that we prefer more choices over fewer, we would like to explore more and more choices, deciding only when necessary upon events. And it is also human’s inability to choose well.

Imagine you are in a superstore, buying a bag of potato chips for your best friend, and there are 200 types of potato chips to pick from, which one are you going to choose? And if there is only 5 with their nutrition information on the back?

In this new era, where Internet as the “Information Express” has gradually change the way we communicate, and overflowing choices we have on the Internet, shall we still remember major of us are living in a physical world where a cup of coffee, a jar of beer, a bottle of wine weighs more than an email, a twit, and a Facebook friends request?

I love to be complexly simple.



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