Walking Tubes on the Beach – A Type of New Life Form

Peter is not a hardcore evolutionist believer, but he is a hardcore believer in art and design.

I watched a video clip of beach “animals”(10 mins) from TED. What astonished me was not only the simple material and mechanism which makes the beach animal with numerous tubes walk by itself, but the concept of creating a new type of life from scratch.

Beach Animal(click to view)

Theo Jansen created the walking beach animal. To me, he is an artist, a scientist and an engineer, and much more than that. The genius idea inside his creation is not only stirring up an new phenomenon, the sensation and chill caused by it is more than what I people handle: we are seeing a new type of life form!

After watching the video, the question of creating life in this world has come into my mind again and again: are we creating something new that would ultimately destroy human race? Inspired by Raymond Kurzweil, Stanford university held the “Singularity Summit“. Perhaps there is more answers there.


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